About Everyday Baby, Sweden



Three future dads and some ideas about how everyday life could be facilitated in family life.

The three founders, Edon, Fredrik and Andreas, all have a few things in common: an active lifestyle, a great interest in family life and trips to beautiful places.

On a lovely sandy beach in each of their own sun chairs, the three friends sat enjoying their trip. They observed a family of two children who had just come down to the beach. They saw the dad heating a baby bottle at the beach bar, but patiently had to wait with his sad baby because the bottle had become too hot. The father tried to both taste and feel the bottle, but could not really tell if the temperature was right. The mother was chasing the oldest child who just wanted to play and swim in the ocean. It was a struggle to put on the sunscreen.

As they observed from their sun chairs, they discussed how life would change as they became parents themselves. This became the seed that made Everyday Baby, and the idea that they would work with products that reduce as much stress as possible for families. One should focus on what brings joy and love and continue to live a wonderful active lifestyle.

A few years later, the three founders are dads and still live an active life with their families and company baby. Several products that facilitate everyday life for families have now been launched. SunHero makes the beach days easy when you know that the children will not get burnt in the sun. Feeding bottles and temperature bands in safe materials that keep track of the temperature of the milk.

Bath mats that show the right temperature in the bathtub and make sure the children do not slip - everything is perfectly designed to take with you on trips or to friends.

Everyday Baby is not the solution to everything, but it’s an important step closer for parents to continue living their active lives with the extra love and joy that children give.

That's what Everyday Babe strives for.