Our Story

A baby is one of the most precious gift parents could ever ask for. Welcoming a new-born baby into a family brings with it so much love, joy and positivity; that’s why we call them – little bundles of happiness.

Babies are fragile little beings and needs to be brought up in a safe, comfortable and fun environment to ensure they grow up healthy and become successful adults. Often time, parents do not realise the risk that they are subjecting their precious little ones to by purchasing products that looks and feel safe. These products are well packaged and looks premium but falls short in the safety department by using sub-par materials or designed without functionality in mind.


Our Philosophy

Mon Cheri Baby was founded on the principal that every baby is important and deserve the best products the world has to offer. We do not ever want to compromise on safety and demand for products that are also functional and fun.

We are making it a mission to bring into Malaysia baby products that focus on safety and functionality. Importantly, it must also look beautiful and premium to cater to the new generation of social media inspired superstar babies.  

Here, we truly believe that – Every baby is a hero!


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